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The City of Lake Lotawana has worked diligently over the past year to restart our policing services with a more permanent and stable model.  We selected Blue Springs Police Department as our preferred partner for these services based on the perceived cultural match and the dollars bid in a contract offered by the City of Blue Springs for policing services.  The recent request by Blue Springs for significant additional start-up monies does not fit within our budget criteria.  City Staff has been directed to prepare a resolution for consideration at the July 18th Board of Aldermen meeting to officially conclude the discussions with Blue Springs related to this shared Police Services Agreement; which as proposed, will not serve the operational needs of the city.  We appreciate the time and effort that the City of Blue Springs and the Blue Springs Police Department have put into the process and hope we can partner together on other projects in the future.  The Board of Aldermen would also like to thank the citizens of Lake Lotawana who expressed opinions related to police services.  As public servants, any opportunity to hear from our residents is appreciated.

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The City of Lake Lotawana is working to update the Comprehensive Plan.  Our community was selected to serve as the pilot community for a collaborative effort between the City, University of Kansas Department of Urban Planning, and the Mid America Regional Council (MARC).  This exciting effort is called “Lotawana Destiny”.  The Comprehensive Plan is a public policy document that serves as a practical and visionary road map expressing the community’s values and vision for the future. The Plan expresses basic policy choices and provides a flexible framework for adapting to real conditions over time related to land use over time.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated Steering Committee comprised of community volunteers. The Steering Committee includes co-chair Alderman David Tillema, co-chair Pattee Beets, Larry Antey, Doug Carlson, and Lisa Lala.

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