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The City of Lake Lotawana is working to update the Comprehensive Plan.  Our community was selected to serve as the pilot community for a collaborative effort between the City, University of Kansas Department of Urban Planning, and the Mid America Regional Council (MARC).  This exciting effort is called “Lotawana Destiny”.  The Comprehensive Plan is a public policy document that serves as a practical and visionary road map expressing the community’s values and vision for the future. The Plan expresses basic policy choices and provides a flexible framework for adapting to real conditions over time related to land use over time.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated Steering Committee comprised of community volunteers. The Steering Committee includes co-chair Alderman David Tillema, co-chair Pattee Beets, Larry Antey, Doug Carlson, and Lisa Lala.

City of Lake Lotawana
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After talking to a good number of citizens, and discussions with the Board Members, we have made a decision to table the proposal to enter a cost sharing model for police services with the Blue Springs Police Department.
I believe making adjustments to the Lake Lotawana Police Department are still necessary. Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.  We need to do something differently. That said, it is probably more important, right now, for us to clearly articulate the challenges the City is facing with our Police department, and discuss viable options with the citizens, than force one possible solution through.
I think the Blue Springs Police proposal is a potential solution to our challenges. But I also believe, the citizens have made it clear that they would like us to consider other alternatives.  Our board and I care greatly about this community, and we do not want to select an option that is destined to fail because the community does not support it.

We will be holding the next City Meeting at the Lake Lotawana Gate One Church, Tuesday February 21st from 7 PM to 9 PM,  and allow citizens who were not afforded time to speak at the last meeting, some time to address the Board. Others will also be given an opportunity to address the Board once the continuance is completed.
Later today, additional information will be available on the City website. The City is making the following materials on the police service available.

1.    A full version of the presentation from the February 7th meeting.
2.    A full written transcript of the meeting from the February 7th meeting.
3.    A cost comparison of the different police service options.

Materials already on the City website include:
1.    A copy of the complete contract proposal.
2.    The recorded audio from the February 7th meeting.  
3.    Answers to the questions have been presented about the proposal.
Please feel free to drop me a note, or stop by my office hours on Tuesdays if you would like to discuss further.

Mayor Scott Miles 

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Scott Miles
City of Lake Lotawana Mayor