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An amazing city

When you have a City focused on people, beauty and infrastructure you end up with a truly wonderful place to live, work and visit. The City of Lake Lotawana has achieved great things. We have the most highly respected elected, volunteer leaders and staff members with years of experience working to better this amazing place. Come and see what we are about, you'll be impressed.

City Staff

Leslee Rivarola

City Administrator

The Mayor

Scott Miles
City of Lake Lotawana Mayor

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Welcome to the City of Lake Lotawana's Official Website!
It's purpose it provide accurate and current information regarding the city for benefit of all residents, homeowners, and local businesses.   Take time to look over all of the information listed and feel free to contact any of our Elected Officials or City Staff if we can help you with any concerns.


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Mayor Scott Miles

City of Lake Lotawana


City of Lake Lotawana
100 Lake Lotawana Road
Lake Lotawana, Missouri     64086

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816-578-2298 Municipal Court

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