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Lake Lotawana Board of Adjustment Meeting Schedule and Deadlines

Meetings & Deadlines Schedule

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We have a Planning & Zoning Commission and a Board of Adjustment.  These two groups work together to ensure that our City zoning and subdivision issues, site plans, permit requests, plat submittals, disputes, appeals and hearings are taken care of in the best interest of the Residents and the City.

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Board of adjustment

This application is required for all proposed residential and commercial developments, proposed zoning changes, conditional use applications, administrative appeals, annexation requests, and plat/construction plan submittals.

Meeting Schedule

planning & zoning commission

Planning & Zoning

Lake Lotawana Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Schedule and Deadlines

Meetings & Deadlines Schedule

Also see the City Calendar

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The Board of Adjustment is a five member panel appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen. This Board meets to interpret the City regulations when there is a dispute; hear and decide on appeals in the case of alleged errors concerning decisions made by the Zoning Administration in the enforcement of the regulations; hear and decide on applications in the case of use and area variances; hear and decide upon applications for legal non-conforming use or area certificates; undertake other responsibilities required by the Board of Aldermen. 

The board meets at City Hall on the fourth Tuesday of each month on an as needed basis at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.

Mike McFadden Chairman
Carl Calcara Vice Chairman
Tim Chamblin
Sharon Brooks
Lisa Morse Roush
Dave Hokanson Alternate
Dean Martin Alternate
JR Meinders Alternate

land development regulations

The Planning and Zoning Commission has seven members including the Mayor and a member of the Board of Aldermen.  The Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen concerning zoning and subdivision issues, including site plan and plat submittals, amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, conditional use permit requests, and other duties as may be assigned by State law and/or the Board of Aldermen. 

The Commission meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month on as needed basis at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.

Dave Cooley Chairman
Jerry Frazier Vice Chairman
Commissioner Kymberli Cutler
Commissioner Pattee Beets
Commissioner David Tillema
Commissioner James Goetz
Alderman Doug Carlson

development approval application

If you plan to locate your business or build your house in the City of Lake Lotawana, you must have the approval of the Zoning Administrator. Download the Land Development Regulations above for detailed instructions (221 pages).  For additional information about site planning requirements and zoning, please contact the Planning and Zoning Administrator at City Hall 816-578-4215.

Land Development Regulations Purpose and Intent

  1. Promote the public health, safety, and general welfare
  2. Ensure that all development approvals, legislation and public/private acts are consistent with the adopted Comprehensive Plan
  3. Promote orderly, appropriate and balanced use and development of land consistent with sound environmental policies
  4. Protect the quality and quantity of prime agricultural and environmentally sensitive lands
  5. Facilitate safe and economical provision of streets, water, wastewater disposal, stormwater drainage, schools, libraries, utilities, parks, fire and police facilities, and other public requirements
  6. Regulate the density of population, authorized uses within the zoning districts, the location and use of buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, residence, mixed uses, prevent the overcrowding of land, and avoid the undue concentration of population
  7. Preserve features of historic and archeological significance
  8. Establish levels of service in these Regulations to ensure the availability and location of concurrent and adequate public facilities by state, county, regional, or other service providers (including transportation, stormwater management, sewer, water, telephone, electric and gas utilities, emergency services, fire, police, parks, open space, library and schools) consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, as amended; and to insure appropriate financing for services and facilities necessary to protect the health, safety and general welfare of current and future residents
  9. Establish administrative regulations to oversee the land development process and to establish appropriate and proportional fees for City, State and board review of development approvals
  10. Maintain predictability of the development approval process, protect vested rights, and assure fairness for affected landowners
  11. Protect the planning process through adoption of interim development controls during studies, citizen forums and public hearings necessary for the formulation and adoption of updated comprehensive plans and amended land development regulations, by preventing the establishment of non-conforming uses during the planning process which would be inconsistent with proposed amendments and insuring full citizen and developer participation.

Please note that this document is subject to revisions at any time.

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