City of Lake Lotawana

Kymberli Cutler
Ward 1 - Blocks A,B,C,Z,Y,X,V,P,W,O

Larry Byrne
Ward 1 - Blocks A,B,C,Z,Y,X,V,P,W,O

We have 1 elected Mayor representing our City. Mayor Scott Miles holds this position. There are also 6 elected Aldermen representing 3 Wards. Each ward has 2 Aldermen with staggered terms. Aldermen adopt or reject resolutions and ordinances. The Mayor is elected for 2 year terms and presides over the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor cannot vote on resolutions or ordinances except to break a tie.

​Doug Carlson
Ward 3 - Blocks S,R,K,L,M,N

​Jan Rase
Ward 3 - Blocks S,R,K,L,M,N


Mayor & Aldermen

archived agendas, minutes & Budgets


Agendas, Minutes & Budgets

Lanny Maness
Ward 2 - Blocks E,G,H,J,WR,T,U 
and the annexed portions of Gate 2 and South of 50 Highway

Gerald Ogilvie
Ward 2 - Blocks E,G,H,J,WR,T,U

and the annexed portions of Gate 2 and South of 50 Highway

Want to see how your local government works? You are always invited to come to a Board of Aldermen Meeting or Work Session. Meetings are held inside City Hall in the Council Chambers.

The Board of Aldermen Meeting is the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Generally the Board of Aldermen have a work session on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Come and be part of your City government and voice any concerns you may have. Please review the Public Speaks Guidelines below.