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As of November 2012, the City has new requirements for craftsman licensing as well as new permit fees.

Craftsman permits

All new construction (residential and business) buildings and major modifications or additions to existing buildings requires a building permit.  Inspections will be conducted throughout the construction phases. New construction projects in the Lakeside Residential Zoning area also must be approved by the Lake Lotawana Association.

This permit is for any type of sewer repairs made.

From the FEMA Flood Plain maps, virtually every TEIR 1 property at Lake Lotawana has at least a small portion of the property that is in the FEMA flood plain. For the most part this is the few feet at the lake edge, and the residence is not in the “flood plain”. However since the small portion at the water’s edge is in the “flood plain” FEMA considers the property as a whole in the “flood plain”. Thus flood insurance may be required by the lender. 

We have made an agreement with a local surveyor to survey the property (i.e. the residence) and submit a certification request to FEMA to certify that the residence is NOT in the flood plain, thus relieving the flood plain insurance requirement for the residence. The total time to process the request can take from 2 to 8 weeks to obtain the survey, to process the request form and for FEMA to respond.

sewer repair permit

The Development Application is concerning zoning and subdivision issues to be heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

This permit is basically used for small projects where full or specialized permits are not warranted such as re-roofing, siding, interior remodeling, and appliance or utility upgrades or replacements where inspections are required.

Building permit

Animal licensing

Public Works provides a wide variety of services to the public. We are committed to providing efficient and cost-effective services involving planning, building, engineering, inspections, codes and land development.

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Demolition permit

development app

This completed application is needed to apply for a variance to the city code and will be presented to the Board of Adjustment. 

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A Demolition Permit is required prior to the removal of any significant structure. An application for a Demolition Permit with all required items must be submitted to the Permit Department at City Hall no less than 72 hours prior to obtaining a Building Permit.

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